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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Police State oppression in California.

In Southern California residents are recovering from a devastating firestorm. Their loss is bad and a great emotional loss for many who have lost their homes. However their loss is being compounded by petty authorities who are taking advantage of the crisis to exercise petty power to control and abuse people. Hundreds of thousands of people are being kept from their homes long after the fires have been extinguished. There is no reasonable excuse to prevent a free man from returning to HIS home. Only the evil blue gun thug thirst for power to dominate and control, and the complacency of the public who have become pussy boys, allows a free people to be so badly abused by scum in blue suits. The blue suit scum are very jealous of public appreciation of the firemen who saved many of the homes in the fire area. In order to pretend that they are doing “something” about the fires they go into abuse mode to use every possible excuse to enforce their police state control of the public. The MEN of California ought to tell the blue suit scum to fuck off and then go back to their homes. Even MEN who’s homes burned have a right to return to survey their damage and start the process of cleaning up their land.

Bob has personal experience with a similar fire situation a few years ago. The blue gun thugs and National Guard troops cordoned off a large part of our town and prevented citizens from having access to our homes and land for more than a week after the fires had ended. The National Guard left only after Bob spoke with the Adjutant General of the National Guard and asked what authority he had, or would need, to wall of my city and keep me from my home. He admitted that he did not have the authority unless Marshal Law was officially declared, which it had not been. Within two hours after that conversation the National Guard troops had been called off of the barricades and the people were allowed to return to our homes and burned out lots.

The barricading of large parts of Southern California days after the fires are out is a CRIMINAL VIOLATION of the rights of a free people. It is being done to already suffering families by arrogant pigs abusing their petty power. They ought to be shot and run over by free MEN returning to their homes. Only a generation of pussy boys raised by women allows the men of California to be so badly abused.

Meanwhile the media is reporting that the blue gun thugs shot and killed a man whom they “thought” might be going to set another fire. While stopping someone from starting a fire is commendable, murdering someone who might set a fire in the future is nothing but cold blooded murder.

Once again, the blue gun thugs are the opposite of the protectors of the rights and freedoms of a free people. We all would be a lot more safe, even with fires, if they were rounded up and eliminated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Bob there are a few things I'd like to suggest, the first is that maybe, just maybe they are not allowing citizens back in the fire zones is because they're seeking to gather data about the distribution of the fires. Also maybe physical evidence that people might tamper with if they returned to soon. If the fires were caused by arson then it's better to know about it sooner rather than later.

The other possibilities are that police fear possible looters and lack the manpower to protect everyone should they return ATM. You see without phone lines or ways to communicate if you did return to your house and were attacked, well, they could basically rape (your daugher), kill and torture your family without anyone even knowing till a week later :S~

Those are some possibilities, now the others are limited to logic but I am sleepy and shalln't delve into them. You understand your reasoning here lacks the insight the police have, buuuuuuutttttttt

I still luV ur blog and agree wit all you said, lmao! Police are just what you name them, judges are too, grrr I luV ur blog and stuff this is so cool! Let men take back the freedom that's being ripped away from them...

I am in a sad state of affairs, I can't get laid @ 26 years old :( I'm doomed........ for... being... a ... nice... guy.

October 25, 2007 5:16 PM  

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