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Friday, October 26, 2007

Senator Craig -- HUH?

Bob has been considering the many news stories about the arrest of Senator Craig (R-ID) while changing planes in an airport in Minnesota. Read Story

If you read the US Constitution, Senators enjoy protection from arrest when traveling back and forth between the US Senate and their home state. From the US Constitution,
Article I, Section 6. The Senators and Representatives shall .... in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same;

So Senator Craig appears to be exempt or “privileged” from arrest in Minneapolis Minnesota while changing planes on his way home to Idaho. But was the arrest for one of the exceptions to the immunity from arrest, charge for a felony or breach of the peace? He pled guilty to disorderly conduct under MSS 609.72. Is that a felony or breach of the peace? No, it is not. Read Statute According to the Minnesota statute, disorderly conduct is defined as action that might cause a breach of the peace. Therefore it is not a breach of the peace by statute. Neither is it a felony. The arrest report from the arresting blue gun thug, Sgt. Karsinia, lists both Disorderly Conduct and Interference with Privacy (MSS 609.746) as the alleged crimes to be filed as formal complaints. Neither of these laws is a felony or breach of he peace. Read Arrest Report

To Bob’s practical mind it appears that the plain language of the US Constitution disallows the blue gun thugs from arresting Senator Craig while traveling through Minneapolis, Minnesota on his way back and forth from his home state of Idaho to the US Senate in Washington, DC. The arrest was unconstitutional on its face. Blue gun thug Sgt. Karsinia violated his Constitutional rights by illegally arresting him. The agent of Satan in black robes of hell was in criminal violation of the US Constitution when he entered a plea and fined Senator Craig $500. Both of these criminals should be immediately arrested and prosecuted for their criminal violation of the US Constitution.

Regular readers of The World According to Bob will know that Bob does not generally excuse pervert rump riders. The thought of public rump riding in airport restrooms is a gorss violation of the rights of normal decent men. Nevertheless, you can not fight perversion and crime by committing criminal acts. In the case of Senator Craig, the blue gun thugs of Minneapolis were committing crimes against the people of the United States in clear violation of the US Constitution, and so was the evil agent of Satan in black robes of hell. Craig’s fine should immediately be refunded along with a formal apology and compensatory financial damages.

Since Senator Craig represents the people of the State of Idaho, the arrest was a criminal assault on all the people of Idaho. The Governor of Idaho should demand that the Governor of Minnesota apologize for the criminal assault on Idaho by his state government subdivisions. The apology of the State of Minnesota should not be delayed. The criminals who arrested and persecuted Senator Craig should be caught and hung.

The reason for the “privilege” from arrest for Senators and Congressmen in the Constitution was the fear that dirty politics of the day would result in the politically motivated arrest of Senators and Congressmen while they traveled through other districts back and forth from their homes to the Congress. Even today there are those astute observers who suspect that the illegal arrest of Senator Craig was motivated by something more than just a pervert in a blue suit’s psychosexual fascination with men in restrooms. Senator Craig was known for his anti-faggot voting, and had become a target for attack by blue suited faggots. Bob would be very surprised if these suspicions don’t have a lot of truth in them.

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