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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

School Bonds?

Our local school district is asking us voters to approve another tax levy. The state taxes are spent on teacher salaries and benefits, and on minimal maintenance, so all of their facility costs and a bunch of their operation budgets comes from "special" levies that, they say, have to be continually approved. But I've been wondering why I should vote to fund a government program that not only fails in it's goals, but pursues goals that are destroying the youth of America.

Although there are some good and some well meaning teachers, by and large the K-12 schools are worse than simply a failure. The three classes of Americans confined by law into state institutions are convicted criminals, the dangerously insane, and young people. From Kindergarten to 8th grade the schools are effectively a baby-sitting service for mothers who don't want to be bothered by taking care of their own kids, so they get the taxpayers to hire expensive sitters. The educational progress of a typical 3rd grader is dependent not on the intensity of his lessons, but on the age-dependent development of his mind and body. Given suitable instruction a 9 year old boy can learn 3rd grade schoolwork, regardless of whether or not he attended grades 1 and 2. Most 11 year olds could easily learn everything they need to graduate from 6th grade into 7th grade in two years. They can do so because their minds are mature enough to learn the material. Yes, some basic reading, writing, and numbers should be taught at around age 6 or 7, but it need not take 4 years to teach it. All but the most dimwitted students would learn just as much by grade 8 if they attended only every other year, and then only for 6 months a year. The rest of the K-8 "education" program is paid child care.

High school, grades 9 to 12, is also mostly a total waste of time, and frequently fails to teach even the modest information it claims to teach. Bob spoke today with a college Professor who volunteers once a week teaching remedial education to adults. She spoke today of one woman in her mid 20s, a high school graduate who had gotten high grades in high school, and who had only this week learned to read the fractional inches on a yard stick. Few high school graduates today have basic knowledge of grammar, not even those who are now graduating from colleges to become high school teachers. Many colleges are having to introduce grammar instruction into their English composition and education programs because nobody taught them even language fundamentals in K-12.

Bob is appalled at the lack of vocational training now available in high schools. Until the 20th century, most young men spent their teenage years learning the trade that they would use to earn their living and support their families. Today's teenagers are confined by law into a state institution that fails utterly in teaching a trade or craft to youth. Instead the school systems attempt to teach "college preparatory" classes to 100% of students, even knowing that 75% of them will not attend colleges. Obviously 75% of high school students are wasting their time, and that is a huge part of the purpose of our "education system." One big function that "education" serves is to keep young men and women off the job market so they won't be competing with older men and women. They are kept confined for years in perpetual false "youth," prevented from growing up and taking a place in the society. Until the 20th century, young men and women became adults in their middle teenage years. Young men were usually doing a man's work by age 16 or 17, sometimes as an apprentice learning the craft, but often on farms doing all the manly tasks. Young women used to marry and begin their families during their teenage years, but today they are kept as false "girls" until half their natural fertility years are fleeting by. Many young men and women rebel against the confinement, turn to drugs or crime, acts of violence, or simply dropping out. They are ill prepared for an adult life because the schools fail utterly to prepare youth for adulthood.

What the schools do teach is liberal leftist political views and feminist dogma. Young women are taught to hate men and eschew marriage and a family. They learn that they "deserve" to be corporate executives when their bodies are crying out to be pregnant. Almost half of today's children are born to unmarried women who are not allowed to marry and have a decent family, and taught that they aren't supposed to. Young women are no longer taught even the rudimentary skills needed to do the woman's role in families, home economics, cooking and sewing, and apparently not even how to read a yard stick.

Young men are taught that men (they) are evil, a big reason for the unthinkable suicide rates among today's youth. I heard this week that 10% of 10 year old boys are now given Ritalin, a modified form of cocaine. Schools have driven men teachers out of their ranks by suspicion and false accusations of "sexual abuse," and the lack of men teachers in schools is a failure for the girls as well as for the boys. School books now teach revisionist politically motivated views of history and culture. To read history in school one would think that a few inconsequential women and slaves had more to do with creating the United States than Washington and Jefferson, because they get more pages in the PC school books. Graduates not only haven't learned our history, they have been taught lies.

So now I'm asked to vote for taxes to support this abysmal failure of a school system. I know that a failed levy will not give them the message, nor cause them to rethink their failed program. They will only try to get by confining our youth into more run down buildings and providing even less teaching for the inmates. The idiots who run the schools are so far gone they wouldn't get the message if someone pounded it into their heads with a baseball bat. There are some communities where the voters are saying not only no, but hell no, and the school idiot administrators whine to the state legislatures and fail utterly to even consider any significant changes to the disaster they run. But I can't bring myself to vote for taxes to support a state program that is so harmful to so many young men and women. It won't ever change if we keep writing them a blank check.

Monday, February 20, 2006


I've been watching the TV coverage of the Winter Olympics this week, or at least I've been watching some of it. The TV producers waste most of the time showing the same old nameless ice skaters go round in circles. Boooorrrriing! Even that is delayed on the west coast until so late that working people can't stay up and watch it regularly. The past several nights we have seen a little of the snowboarding, only because an American was the favorite. We saw a little of the speed skating for the same reason, but not enough of it to figure out who's fast and who's not. Hour after boooorrrring hour the ice skaters in whorish outfits glide and whirl, swirling their short skirts, showing their crotches. And all they ever do is the same old tired spin, a double jump spin here, a triple spin there, spin, spin, spin. It hasn't changed a bit in 30 years. If you saw the 1970 skating, you've seen the 2006 skating. Booooorrrrring.

In the Summer Olympics all the gymnastic athletes do flipovers. The women gymnasts do flips while dancing on a 4" wide plank. The men and women do flipovers forward and backwards in the floor exercise. I once had a friend who did flipovers on the sidewalk in street clothes. In the Winter Olympics the snowboards do lots of flipovers, but the ice skaters just do the same old, same old same old hour after boooooring hour. Maybe the TV producer think that whorish outfits with narrow crotch covers make good viewing. Where do they find these idiots. Don't they ever watch their own productions? Half a dozen other shows are beating their audience figures, but on and on and on they show more and more of the same booooorrring skating.

What about 2 person bobsled? What about showing us some of the hockey matches? Lots of people would enjoy seeing a hockey match. How about luge? There is a lot of skiing that we never get to see. I have yet to see any curling. A whole pallet of sporting events are there for the showing, but do we Americans get to see much of it at all? NOT! We're stuck with the same old tired whorish outfits doing the same old tired spins. At least they could go visit a gymnastics coach and learn to do a flipover or two. The first skater who does a flipover will probably get a ton of extra points (even in their totally incomprehensible scoring system) and win the gold medal. Will they do it? Probably not. We'll just get more of the same old tired spins. Pathetic!

Friday, February 17, 2006

OJ Innocent?

Like many Americans I watched bits and pieces of the OJ trial a few years ago, and was appalled by the unanimous verdict that acquitted him. Lately, however, I'm beginning to wonder. One of the primary witnesses for the prosecution of OJ was a blue gun thug named Mark Fuhrman. The jury had to sit and listen to Fuhrman's accusations of OJ, while we, the public, mostly got filtered remarks that were rebroadcast on the evening news. Some years later Fuhrman has become the host of a morning talk show on KGA radio in Spokane, WA. Bob has had the occasion to listen to Fuhrman now and then while traveling through that area. Every time Fuhrman opens his mouth it's immediately obvious that he's a lying scumbag. He talks like the worst self-righteous pig filth. It's obvious from listening for only a few minutes, that he is still typical of the gun thug mentality. For the past several years I've thought OJ was guilty. But now, I'm reconsidering. If that turd said he was guilty, he was probably innocent. Fuhrman's lies, deceptions, and incompetent bungling in the OJ case are listed on this web site.

Fill Dirt!

I've only got two words for the government of New Orleans, "fill dirt." I come from Seattle where most of the central part of the city, and all of the industrial area was once tide flats, flood plains where sea water invaded at high tide. North of there houses were once built on a hill. Almost 100 years ago now, using machines crude and labor intensive by today's standards, the city regraded itself. Vast acreage of tide flats were raised 12 to 30 feet The regrade was begun after a fire destroyed much of downtown Seattle. Regrading and filling continued for a couple of decades, and in fact many of the building downtown had been rebuilt on the original level before the grades were changed.. Tourists visiting Seattle today can take a tour of the "underground" where downtown old store fronts still exist two stories below street level.

In New Orleans, large sections of the city were destroyed by the recent floods after the levee broke during a storm. Almost all of the houses in these areas have to be torn down and rebuilt. Rebuilding them below sea level, paid for by taxes taken from hard working Americans, is really, really stupid. Along the Mississippi river there are always dredges working, loading barges with mud. The Corps of Engineers who runs the dredges is always looking for good places to dump the vast amounts of dirt dredged to keep navigation open. Fixing the current levees and rebuilding homes below sea level is a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone has always known that New Orleans would someday be destroyed by a flood. Living behind a levee is really stupid. Instead, responsible government of the city, state, and nation needs to aggressively fill the area between levees with FILL DIRT! Raise the level of the streets and houses to a few feet ABOVE sea level, as was done in Seattle 100 years ago.

So far, I have heard nobody in the media or from the government talking about a real solution in New Orleans. For all of them Bob has just two words, "FILL DIRT!"


Beaten to Death

I saw on CNN this morning a story about a young man named Anderson who was beaten to death by guards at a Florida "Boot Camp" prison. The gun thugs claim that they "had to restrain" Anderson when he could not complete a torturous physical activity they thought up for the inmates to do. A "boot camp" is different from a regular hell hole prison because it includes continual physical and emotional abuse in addition to the confinement. Caught on video tape, the gun thugs were seen beating Anderson severely. His doctors eventually said that his internal organs were so badly damaged that they could not be used for donations. The gun thugs claim that Anderson died of "sickle cell" which is another way of excusing the beating death of a black youth. Governor Jeb Bush, who is ultimately responsible for the gun thugs who work for him, mumbled vague excuses and lies, "this is the first time," etc., and said that he would do nothing to restrain violent abuse of teenage prisoners.

Unfortunately this kind of violent abuse is normal practice of hired thugs all across America where millions of MEN are tortured, beaten, and abused daily for alleged "crimes." The prisons have an absolute responsibility to protect and defend those MEN in their custody. They have taken away the men's ability to protect and defend themselves. Whenever any MAN in the custody of the gun thugs dies, they are responsible even if it was another inmate who did the beating. But it's far worse when the gun thugs just gang up on a young man and beat him to death. These evil gun thugs are a criminal conspiracy far worse than anything they claim to be protecting us from. There is no excuse for beating a young man to death. The gun thugs and their evil mentors ought to be rounded up and hanged by an army of decent citizens.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Professing Racist Sexism.

I opened my Sunday paper this morning and found an advertisement by Washington State University, The talk is sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Robert C. Bates, and Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity, Michael J. Tate. The advertisement promoted talks by Allan Johnson entitled, "Can't we all Just Get Along. Unraveling the Knot of Privilege, Power, and Difference" The ad presents Johnson's goals for the talks, "As a white male, he is especially concerned with reaching men and whites who may feel so uncomfortable with issues of privilege that they won't even talk about them.

As I read the advertisement I remembered the "privileged" white MEN who died by the dozen in Virginia coal mines last month. I recalled the white fisherMEN who died this week when their fishing boat sank off the Oregon coast. I remembered the white man who was beaten to death in the jail by the Spokane County blue gun thugs after being arrested for being behind in his "child support" payments. I recalled that the American education system has become so hurtful to boys in K-12 schools that millions of boys are not getting a decent education and their suicide rates have skyrocketed while millions more are drugged daily with Ritalin. I recalled the privileges of white MEN to work hard 8 to 12 hours a day providing for our families while bigoted idiots like Johnson hurl insults at us. I wonder if, in Johnson's sexist excuse for a mind, "privilege" means the half million white men now incarcerated in debtor's prisons for falling behind in their indentured servitude (slavery) payments now euphemistically called "absentee child support?" I wondered if his twisted notion of "privilege" includes the men who suffer over 90% of job related fatalities, or the boys who endure more than twice as much child abuse as girls.

Checking through the WSU web site I found the Department of Women's Studies featured prominently, complete with scholarships and career guidance on it's web site. The "privileged" MEN at WSU have no similar department. A search of the WSU web site's search function found 57,900 listings for "women" while less than half that many, 26,800, for "men." Yet WSU does have the funding to send speakers on tour attempting to "reach" MEN, to further understanding of our power and privilege. It is feminized rats as Johnson who think they can get laid by kowtowing to the feminazi war on men. How wrong they are. Even men hating feminazi won't screw whiny wimps like him.

Anti-white racism and anti-men sexism is always just hate and hate is always wrong. This talk is unfortunate, in this decade while females have taken over our colleges and universities in ever-increasing numbers. As a citizen, taxpayer, and voter I demand that they end racism and sexism paid for and supported by the citizens of this state. Bates and Tate ought to be fired along with their entire staffs, and replaced by decent non-racist, non-sexist staff. Johnson and other whiny feminized turds like him just need to be flushed.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sexual Predator or Target?

I've heard the term "sexual predator" on the news a lot lately. The FBI arrests a man who responded to their on-line impersonation of a young woman seeking sex. The legislatures in several states aggressively write new laws to punish "sexual predators" more severely. The talking heads on FOX, CNN, CBS, and other media continually use "sexual predators" as whipping boys to drum up hatred against men. But, someone asked, what is a "sexual predator?" As close as I have been able to understand from all the hoopla and hate, a "sexual predator" is a MAN who is attempting to find a woman for sex. But isn't that what MEN have always done? Isn't finding a woman for sex the most basic instinctive male behavior? And conversely, don't virtually all women also want to find a man for sex? In recent years, women's fashions have become more and more sexually focused. Today's young women at schools and offices dress as provocatively as only working whores did a generation ago. Obviously neither men nor women spend all our time seeking sex, we all have other parts of our lives, but sex is a very important, and biologically necessary part of all our lives. It has always been the men who are supposed to be sexually aggressive, to seek out the females for sex, to make them pregnant, and to continue our species. The standard male sexual aggressive behavior is common to most species. It is the most NORMAL male behavior, and welcomed by the females of all species as well. Only in the past decades, fueled by a violent feminazi hate war on men, has "sexual predator" even become a term. Now it's a "crime" in the violent hate war on men.

Whenever you hear the term "sexual predator" translate it to it's root meaning -- a normal sexual man looking for a normal sexual woman. Whenever you hear Ms. Suckhind, Mr. O'Really, or any of the other misandrist bigots on TV or other media use the term "sexual predator" you have identified a shock trooper in the violent feminazi hate war on MEN. Whenever you hear the term you have identified an organization that is waging that war, making up hate propaganda to excuse their massive destruction of MEN. Like the 3rd Reich's propaganda branch the TV cable networks pound away with their hate message. Like the Gestapo before them, the FBI, and your local blue gun thugs round up millions of MEN and send them to hell holes to rot and die. They use the term "sexual predator" as one of their lying excuses for hate. All of the hate mongering bigots should be rounded up and hanged by decent citizens.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Gathering Storm!

Three was lots of disturbing news this past week. Islamic riots over a Danish political cartoon, published months ago, continue to increase and spread from country to country. Islamic clerics are apparently going from country to country showing copies of the cartoon and agitating for holy war against European countries. The Danish embassy was burned in one city. Riots and demonstrations by Islamic immigrants are beginning to happen in European cities. Meanwhile in Yemen a tunnel was dug from a neighboring Mosque to a prison where several high ranking Al Queda members were being held, and many of them escaped. Iran has thumbed it's political nose at the United Nations "watchdog committee" on nuclear arms and is preparing atomic bomb production facilities to use on Israel and whomever else the radical terrorist states deem to be the enemies of Allah.

Meanwhile in the US, the long delayed trial of an Al Queda member who helped plan the 9-11 attack has become a circus. Americans don't have the political balls to just hang the bastard even after he admits his involvement in Al Queda terrorism against us. On the contrary, our Congress is holding "hearings" to publicly criticize government officials who are trying to protect us from further attacks.

Times are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. The west has the military power to end the Islamic threat now, but has no balls. Our nations won't act until the enemy is at our gates.

An end of evil.

Betty Freidan died this past weekend. She had been the author of widely read anti-men hate books and the founder of one of the most radical misandrist hate organizations, the National Organization FOR Women. There is a little less evil in the world this week.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Got One!

Arkansas gun thug in blue attempted a "routine" highway robbery of Jacob Robida early Sunday, January 5, 2006. Blue gun thugs spend a lot of their time stopping travelers on our highways, threatening them with their guns and torture chambers, and taking the traveler's money which they share with local governments. In past centuries, armed highway robbers were caught and hung by decent citizens. Today they work for the government, and rob thousands of people, "routinely," and very few citizens will fight back. The "routine" armed robbery attempted by Arkansas blue gun thug Jim Sell turned out to be less than routine. His intended victim was Jacob Robida who had been previously trained at a junior police academy, a program intended to build social skills, self-esteem and self-confidence. When Sell stopped Robida to take his purse, Robida resisted and defended himself. Gun thug Sell returned to room temperature. Way to go Robida! Another violent armed robber bites the pavement! One down, probably a million to go.

Of course, when a highway robber dies the gun thugs put aside all their other work, stopped robbing citizens, and whatever else they were doing. We remember that the Arkansas blue gun thugs once spent part of their time as pimps, procuring whores for Governor Bill Clinton when he was the Governor of Arkansas. Details of their pimping activities for Gov. Clinton are court records and were widely published in the 1990s. It is unlikely that they have changed their behavior.

Criminals always stick together and take revenge on individuals or rival gangs. After Robida had successfully defended himself against gun thug Sell, hundreds of other blue gun thugs chased him down and murdered him. In a display of their customary violent disregard for law or legal process, the gun thugs also shot and killed Robida's girlfriend.

You can, of course, expect the media and legions of gun thugs to publish all kinds of lies about Robida, blame him for the police murder of his girlfriend, and of course claim that they were "defending themselves" by chasing him down and killing him. CNN liest here. More intelligent people know that everything the blue gun thugs say is a lie, as has been proved by the gun thugs before the Supreme Court of the US in numerous cases. Whatever they tell you about Robida is a LIE. He is a martyr who's life was sacrificed after defending himself against armed highway robbery. His girlfriend is another innocent victim of blue gun thug violence. For his sacrifice, free MEN in Arkansas can breath a little easier today, one fewer armed highway robber waits by the road to hold up and rob travelers.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The meaning of marriage

Someone asked how bob views "marital rape" in a comment on one of the previous posts. Well to understand "marital rape," one has to start by gaining a clear understanding of marriage, an understanding sadly lacking today. Many people today mistakenly think that marriage is a Christian institution, or some kind of government benefit program. Others view marriage as a collection of some kind of "rights." Confusion and misunderstanding regarding the institution of marriage now dominates our society. That confusion is not surprising. For the past century and a half there has been organized opposition to marriage that frequently seeks to destroy the age old tradition of marriage by obfuscation, corruption, dissolution, and disregard.

Marriage has been, for thousands of years, and in virtually every society and culture, the sexual union of a man and woman that creates children and thereby forms a family. The oldest known written laws, the Code of Hamarabi, predates Christianity by a couple of thousand years. It contains a great deal of codified law about marriage and the rights and obligations of the parties involved. In pre-Christian Europe the Celts recognized several kinds of marriage, each one distinct from the others by whom would pay to support the children. In the first kind of marriage both man and woman were rich and equally supported the family. In the second kind only the man was rich and he would support the family. In the 8th or 9th and last kind, the female is a whore and the man has no responsibility for her child at all. Notice that a child of a whore is a "marriage" between her and whatever man happened to father her child. Marriage is the sexual union that produces children and creates family. Even before Celtic or Babylonian cultures marriage existed in prehistoric tribal societies, and still exists in virtually every remaining tribal society today.

When Europe became Christian and the old pagan laws were replaced by Christian laws, marriage laws were adopted into Christian law. The same is true for virtually all religions. While they each have variations on the theme, they all sanctify and protect the sexual union of male and female and encourage the creation of children families. There have been a few notable exceptions, religions that discouraged marriage and sexual union to create families. The Shakers was one in America, but without children the last Shaker died some years ago. Some religions sanction polygamy and some do not, but in all marriages there is a sexual union between a man and a woman that creates children.

To understand marriage we need to understand what marriage is and what marriage is not. Marriage is the sexual union of male and female that creates our children and our families. Marriage is NOT a religious rite although all successful religions sanctify and honor marriages with religious ceremonies. Marriage is NOT a collection of legal or tax benefits, although most successful societies encourage the production of the next generation of the society by promoting marriage. Every society that wants to have a future must encourage and promote marriage sufficient to ensure the creation of enough children to continue the society.

In the middle of the 18th century, feminist lesbians gathering at Seneca Falls, NY, declared that "Marriage oppresses women!" To the feminists lesbians, they need men only to provide sperm, and then, they believe, they can raise the children by themselves. By themselves, of course, means that men must be forced to provide money, food, shelter, and all the necessary things of life, but only as male slaves divorced from families. Single momism, lesbians with laboratory Frankenstein kids, are their vision of a future. For a century and a half feminists have worked hard to obscure the language, lobbied for easy divorce, so-called "child support" laws that enslave men to pay women, and "DV" laws that allow women to turn husbands into criminals whenever her emotions are having a hysterical fit.

Feminists today are joined by the Gay/Lesbian agenda that jealously wants to be valued even above the "breeders" who have decent families they can never create. The gay agenda has invented the false term "gay marriage" as if somehow marriage is merely a collection of legal "rights." The whole idea of "gay marriage" is a contradiction because marriage is the sexual union that creates children and families, a sexual union which gays openly reject. In order to pretend that gay perversion is as valuable as families, gays have sought to destroy the very meaning of marriage, and at a time when most people are already confused about the meaning of marriage by more than a century of organized feminist anti-marriage attacks.

Despite all the attacks by lesbians, gays, and feminists, real and only marriage remains the sexual union of male and female that creates children and makes families.

In some cultures the man and woman are selected by their relatives or tribal leaders. In western culture the couple must find and select each other. In some cultures they do not recognize a marriage until a child is produced. That was true in many parts of Christian Europe until fairly recently. Where the marriage was sanctified by law and church prior to conception, Christian law has long allowed the marriage to be annulled, or to be declared never to have happened when no child results from the union. When a couple is joined in marriage law across all human cultures the woman promises to participate in sexual union with the husband, and to bear and raise the children who result from that union. The husband promises to provide sexual service to the wife so that she may bear her children, and to protect and support her and their children. Those are virtually universal legal and moral vows of marriage, and the legal requirements of each party under millennia of codified and religious law.

So what is Bob's view of "marital rape?" There can be no such thing. The crime of "rape" requires a lack of consent. A wife has sworn her consent before her priest or a judge, before her family and witnesses, signed legal documents attesting to her consent, and filed those legal documents with the state. When she says "I do" to enter into marriage and be a wife, she is accepting her obligation to participate in sexual congress with the husband and to bear the children which result therefrom. From then on it's her legal duty and obligation, freely consented to and accepted. If she no longer consents she must get a legal divorce, which ends her legal consent. So-called "marriage rape" laws deny the very meaning of marriage, and absolve the wife of the meaning of her marriage vows. To even discuss "marital rape" is to accept feminist anti-marriage dogma as background, an acceptance that you won't catch Bob ever doing. Bob does not condone forced marriage, but once she swears her "I do" as wife and sexual partner of her husband, and accepts the benefits of his support and protection, then she has a duty to abide by her sworn "I do." She can not be raped by her husband, because she has consented to sex with him for the duration of their marriage. The state, by acknowledging and accepting the marriage documents, affirms her status as sexual breeding partner of the husband. For the state, or anyone, to come along later and accuse the husband of "rape" or "sexual crime" for his congress with his wife is the worst kind of misandrist abomination.

To understand why "marital rape" or "gay marriage" are patently false contradictions one only needs to understand the age old meaning and purpose of marriage. Marriage is the sexual union of male and female that creates children and makes families. It is a blessed state that is the future of our society, and we all have a strong vested interested in securing and perpetuating strong healthy families for our next generation.